Birthday Girl: Cate Blanchett

On the 14th of May, Cate Blanchett celebrates her birthday.


This Australian beauty was born on May 14, 1969, in Melbourne, Australia. She is recognized worldwide for her blonde hair, blue eyes and enormous acting talent.

Blanchett's big screen debut came with Kaboria (1990).

She became famous appearing in Elizabeth (1998), The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), The Gift (2000).

In Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings; The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) she starred as Galadriel, and became a worldwide sensation, opening many doors, collaborating with Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio, Woody Allen, Terrence Malick...

Cate Blanchett was nominated for the Academy Award four times, and she has won two Oscars for her performances in movies The Aviator (2004) and Blue Jasmine (2003).

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  1. Marcos
    Cate <3
  2. macey
    cheers Cate!
  3. Lamar
    best wishes to this wonderful actress!!!
  4. Lorna
    happy bday Cate <3

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