Birthday Boy: Ed Helms

On the 24th of January, Ed Helms celebrates his birthday.


Comedian, actor and singer Edward Parker Ed Helms is best known for his The Daily Show work, as well for the role of Andy Bernard in TV series The Office (2006-2013).

With more than 70 appearances in movies, TV series and shows, this 44-year-old is one very busy Hollywood bee!

He began his career as an comedian in New York City, doing gigs at sketch comedy bands and bars. Helms had his TV debut in 2005 when he started working as a correspondent in The Daily Show. Couple of years later, Ed was already in the business of making movies and shooting series, having roles in films such as Everyone's Hero (2006), I'll Believe You (2006), Evan Almighty (2007)...

But, his big breakthrough in movie industry came with hottest comedy of 2009 - The Hangover.

He reprised his role of ever-whining Stu in two more installments of The Hangover series.

His latest work include feature The Clapper (2017), animated movie Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie (2017) and he will appear in three upcoming films of 2017: Chappaquiddick, I Do... Until I Don't and Bastards.

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