'Father Figures' film preview

The American comedy film ‘Father Figures’ stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms as two fraternal twin brothers who hit the road in order to find their biological dad.

Father Figures (2017) is a directorial debut of Lawrence Sher, who worked as a cinematographer on more than 30 big budget titles in Hollywood.

Chinese screenwriter Hongwen Mai wrote a script for Father Figures (2017), this time using a different name - Justin Malen.

Father Figures (2017) is a comedy about two fraternal twin brothers that hit the road to find out who their father is. Their mother has been lying to them for years that he is dead, but this road-trip will prove that he is indeed alive, and it will show the brothers who they really are.

Stars of Father Figures (2017) are Owen Wilson, Christopher Walken, J. K. Simmons, Ed Helms, Katie Aselton, Ving Rhames and many other actors and actresses.

Father Figures (2017) premiered on December 20, so you can watch it right now. And if you want to find out more about it first, click on the video above!

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