Let’s have a look at the highlights of the week in movie land.

Let us recap the hottest news from the Dream Factory, that hit us in the last week and left us in awe.


Who can forget anything that Jennifer Lawrence does? This time, she went extreme, with her all-revealing dress, at the premiere of her new movie Red Sparrow (2018). Lawrence was wearing attire that was showing more than it should. Harsh reactions came from left and right, but Lawrence had only one thing to say to them - she will wear what she wants!


The Shape of Water (2017) is one of the hottest movies from the last year, and still it is killing it at the theaters world-wide. With 13 Oscar nomination, it is certainly one of the most successful movies of the year 2017.

But, one man claims that Guillermo del Toro stole the idea of The Shape of Water (2018) from his late father's play Let Me Hear You Whisper.

Find out more about it, and check out some other celeb news, in the video above!

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  1. namita
    not so hot news :)
  2. moviefan
    the shape of water is one of the hottest movies indeed!
  3. ace
    red sparrow is a very stupid movie! sorry jennifer.

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