Jennifer Lawrence was very naughty on the set of 'Red Sparrow'

Jennifer Lawrence had a bit of an awkward moment with Francis Lawrence, the director of her new steamy thriller ‘Red Sparrow’, when she thought he needed to OK the lingerie she wore in one sexy scene of the movie.

Jennifer Lawrence sure knows how to make our heads turn. Just the other week, she was at the premiere of Red Sparrow (2018). Lawrence's attire didn't went unnoticed, because she almost didn't have any attire to begin with!

Her free look has been commented by many women and women's rights activists as being sexists.

But, Lawrence didn't mind that at all, saying that only thing sexists is forbidding her to wear what she wants.

That is not the only incident that Lawrence had, concerning Red Sparrow (2018). While shooting one of many Sparrow's hot scenes, she was just standing naked in front of the whole crew. Lawrence said that they were all feeling uncomfortable. On the other hand, she was feeling liberated.

One other thing happened on the set of Red Sparrow (2018) - director of the movie Francis Lawrence had to choose her underwear, for one of the scenes. That was a very strange experience for the young actress.

Find out more about it, and click on the video above!

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  1. foxy
    oooooh naughty. be like that with me girl!
  2. simon
    can't stand this girl!
  3. araya
    leave lawrence alone, come on she not doing anything not normal
  4. ivan
    stop with this stupid girl!
  5. offen
    lawrence, go home. Please.

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