John Legend lending voice to Google assistant

Singer John Legend has a different kind of new job, and he’s set to lend his voice to the Google Assistant smart home device.

Google is ditching their old robo-assistant voice and are turning to the famed singer/songwriter John Legend.

There will be six brand new voices for your Android phone or Google Home. There is a possibility, however, that you don't like Legend's voice so much, and that you would rather have a more neutral voice, helping you in your everyday activities.

That is ok, because among other voices you will for sure find some that is suited for your ears.

You will be able to choose between female and male voices, and they will be different enough to please every customer.

This feature will be available later in the year, and we just can't wait to hear John Legend speaking from our phones!

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  1. qwerxy
    true legend :))
  2. gala
    wow nice news!
  3. xtremebuddy
    John has a really nice voice... good choice by google

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