Jessica Chastain fronting Ralph Lauren´s 'Lead Like a Woman' campaign

Jessica Chastain has teamed up with fellow actresses for Ralph Lauren’s ‘Lead Like a Woman’ campaign for gender equality.

Ralph Lauren's new campaign Lead Like a WOMAN is all about mothers and empowering women all around the world.

With Mother's Day around the corner, big companies are not losing any time with their marketing.

And they are hiring some serious A-list celebs to help them spread the word about their new products.

Such is the case with new collaboration between Jessica Chastain and Ralph Lauren. The famous brand also used Zoe Lister-Jones and Rachael Taylor, to announce their new line Lead Like a WOMAN.

Click on the video above, and find out everything about it!

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  1. blackyork
    Lead Like a Woman !!!
  2. rebekah125
    Jessica is one gorgeous woman!
  3. hayden
    gender equality!!! <3

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