‘Anon’ was an important story to create for director Andrew Niccol

‘Anon’ is the 2018 science fiction thriller starring Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried, and takes place in the near-future world where the government is trying to fight crime by eliminating privacy by creating total surveillance. Andrew Niccol directed the film, and for him this movie was a real passion project.

One of the newest movies coming from Netflix platform is Anon (2018), starring Clive Owen, Afiya Bennett and Morgan Allen.

Anon (2018) is sci-fi/thriller set in a world without anonymity or crime. A detective meets a woman who threatens world's security.

The Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director Andrew Niccol directed and wrote Anon (2018).

He is mostly known for his previous sci-fi big screen titles such as Gattaca (1997), The Truman Show (1998), S1m0ne (2002), and The Host (2013).

Anon (2018) premiered on Netflix on May 4, so you can see it immediately. And if you want to hear out what Andrew Niccol has to say about the movie - click on the video above!

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