Childish Gambino owns the internet with his new single 'This is America'

The Atlanta star, real name Donald Glover Jr., released the video on Saturday (06May18), hours after he hosted U.S. sketch show Saturday Night Live, and it has already amassed over 50 million views on the streaming site.

New Childish Gambino's single This Is America was released on May 5, and it is conquering the world in a blitz campaign that followed its debut.

Glover delivered a serious 3,45 minutes long trap track about a current state of the United States of America.

Produced by mcDJ, RCA, Wolf+Rothstein, This Is America has about 70 million views on youtube.

Equally successful was Gambino's appearance on Saturday Night Live show. His live performance of This Is America is now almost as popular as the music video for the song itself.

And like that is not enough of a success - Donald Glover will appear as legendary Lando Clarissian in the soon-to-be-released Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018), that will premiere on May 25.

What a great year for this talented, young man!

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  1. Erica23
    nice!!! :)))
  2. guliver
    song is just decent, nothing special to be honest...
  3. vulture
    on repeat!!!! i can't stop listening :)))
  4. Peter
    Childish Gambino <3

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