Kendall Jenner finds it 'weird' baby sister Kylie is a mum

Kendall Jenner is still coming to terms with the fact her little sister Kylie is a mum at 20, and she’s confessed it all seems "a bit weird".

Kendall Jenner is two years older than Kylie Jenner, but that didn't keep the 20-year-old Kylie getting pregnant before her older sister.

Kylie announced that she was pregnant in 2017. She delivered a baby girl named Stormi Webster on February 6, 2018.

The alleged father of the young star is Travis Scott, even though we all heard a strong rumor about the real father of the child - Kylie's bodyguard!

For her sister Kendall Jenner, the whole thing is just strange, and she doesn't know what to think about it.

Seeing her younger sister, in that age, delivering her first baby is what is bothering Kendall, and we can understand why.

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  1. patty
    what is so weird about that...
  2. raddzo
    Kendall Jenner <3
  3. Daca
    only weird thing here is you Kendall...

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