David Oyelowo became 'first responder' for Georgina Chapman amid Harvey Weinstein scandal

David Oyelowo has shared how he became "first responder" for Georgina Chapman after the sexual abuse scandal against her husband Harvey Weinstein broke.

Harvey Weinstein scandal is still raging on and it is uncertain how it will end, and will it ever end?

But, without new allegations and confessions, the whole thing did, in fact, lost a little bit of weight, and it is hardly an interesting news for the media.

So, let's take a second and look at one more poor soul who have had to suffer because of Weinstein's behavior.

His current wife, actress and model Georgina Chapman.

Weinstein and Chapman tied a knot in 2007, but as soon as the news of Harvey's misconducts started to spread, Chapman filed for divorce.

She said that the whole thing is not easy, because divorces never are, but that, for her, the most difficult thing was to say how is she feeling, because she taught that she doesn't have right to be sad or enraged, when all those girls and women were suffering, because of her husband.

Luckily, she had a good friend by her side, to comfort her in this dark times.

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    this makes me laugh....
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    he is such gentlman... no matter what
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    Weinstein drama .... -,-

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