Taylor Swift moves to London!

It looks like Taylor Swift is selling up in the states and heading to the UK as she’s just put her Beverly Hills bungalow up for sale just days after selling a nearby mansion.

The newest gossip coming from Taylor Swift is that she is searching for a new home, the one that is near her almost-top-secret boyfriend, British actor Joe Alwyn.

Swift allegedly sold her USA house, and is eyeing some other place to live in North London.

Estimated price for her new home is 40 million dollars, and Taylor's main concern is that she has enormous kitchen.

Rumor has it that her boyfriend Alwyn is calling her feeder, because of her passion for cooking.

Find out more, in the video above!

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  1. LoganTelope
    wonderful news!!! ^^
  2. Polaroid
    smart girl...
  3. HipsterRacist
    omg no way!!! :o
  4. emilly
    wow nice news !!! good to have you here in London <3

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