Zoe Saldana is thinking about the all-female MCU movie

Zoe Saldana has revealed that she and her fellow female ‘Marvel’ stars developed the idea of a women driven spin off at a recent photoshoot.

This year, Kardashian's choice of dress and designer is super interesting - mostly for how simple it was and how absolutely amazing she looked.

Kim Kardashian showed up in a skintight gold Versace dress that looked like it had been painted on.

The theme of the night was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, and Kim definitely got the heavenly body part of the invitation.

And at the Met Gala after party, Kardashian showed up in 1992 Versace black dress, owning the show once more.

Some of the Beyonce's fans accused Kim that she copied Beyonce's look. Kardashian responded to the trash talking by hitting her Twitter profile and dealing with the trolls herself!

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  1. Nemmy
    Zoe Saldana <3
  2. omegalul
    i'm more into all-male MCU movie and Zoe ^^
  3. buker
    and i'm thinking it's going to fail hard...

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