Elton John will grace the Royal Wedding with his performance

Elton John will reportedly be performing at Meghan Markles and Prince Harry's wedding this weekend, after finalising plans following months of rumours.

The Royal Wedding is in its final stages of preparation. The big day is set for May 19, and for a year now, we are receiving rumors about the whole event.

The biggest gossip was concerning the famous singer and songwriter Elton John, and whether he would play/sing at the royal wedding.

Even if you are the successor to the British throne, you have to wait in line for Elton John's performance!

It seems, however, that the famed Pinball Wizard will be at the Royal Wedding, performing for the newlyweds.

Find out more about it, and click on the video above!

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  1. Teddy
    I did not expect anything less... :)
  2. irma
    Totally expected ... :)

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