In case you missed it here’s what’s trending right now: Elton John performed a string of hits at the luncheon following the royal wedding, Oprah Winfrey's changes royal wedding dress at the last minute, and Rita Ora angers fans by cancelling gig at short notice.

Well, the Royal Wedding is maybe behind us (finally) but we are not done talking about it!

In case that you don't know that, Sir Elton John DID perform at the wedding, singing his numerous hits, during the after-wedding lunch.

One of the guest at the wedding was famous American TV host, actress, humanitarian etc. Oprah Winfrey. She was so undecided about her gown, that she changed it in the last minute! If you didn't see Oprah in all her wedding-day glory, you should check out this video!

There are a couple of news that are not about the Royal Wedding, so you can also check them out in the video above!

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