Rita Ora canceled a show, and her fans are not happy about it

Rita Ora’s fans were less than impressed by her cancelling a gig at the very last minute, claiming that she’s too ill to perform.

Famous singer and songwriter Rita Ora started her The Girls Tour on May 11. The tour was supposed to last until September 2, with 37 concerts in total. (35 in Europe, 1 in North America and 1 in Asia)

Ora went on a tour as part of a promotion of her upcoming second studio album. We don't know much about her next LP. It is produced by Stargate, and Julia Michaels is working as a songwriter on it. That is some serious crew!

Unfortunately, album was postponed until autumn 2018, and now Ora had to cancel a few shows also, because she is feeling sick like a dog.

Fans, on the other hand, are not too much concerned about her health, as they are raging on the internet, about how Ora is not even sick, and that she cannot cancel a show in such a short notice.

Tell us what you think about the whole situation, and hit the comments below!

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  1. hallie
    nooo way..... :(((
  2. Brian
    i can't belive it ....
  3. wyatt
    i bet Ora is not even sick, and that she cannot cancel a show in such a short notice...
  4. emilly
    i'm really angry...
  5. Kinderbah
    I am waiting for this concert for months and now it's canceled!

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