Steven Tyler wants to play with Elton John and Paul McCartney

The Aerosmith frontman recently tasted success with his first solo album, the country music-tinged We're All Somebody From Somewhere, in 2016, and now he is eager to recruit some of his rock pals to work on some new material.

Steven Tyler is 70 years old and he is among most famous rockers in the world, having 15 albums with his band Aerosmith, and collaborating with musicians from bands like Kings of Chaos and Cain Reaction.

Tyler just recently decided to try out a solo career, debuting with LP We're All Somebody from Somewhere (2016).

On this not so successful studio effort, Tyler collaborated with big names of music industry like T Bone Burnett, Marti Frederiksen, Jared Gutstadt, Dann Huff, Jaren Johnson, Poo Bear...

Nowadays, his aspiration is to cross his guitars and vocals with two other rock legends - Sir Elton John and Sir Paul McCartney.

Tyler is in some kind of a creative whirlpool, having more ideas than he can handle. So, find out all about his future plans, and click on the video above!

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  1. weedocaree
    Steven Tyler <3
  2. Judith
    and i want to see them playing :D
  3. tullip
    living legends <3
  4. horacio
    omg i hope this is true!!!

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