Sarah Paulson is not happy about her upcoming birthdays

Actress Sarah Paulson has shared how she has to remind herself not to dwell too much on turning 50, after all, it is seven years down the line.

Who would've thought that an aging actress has a problem with her age? Even though she is still a long way from turning 50, the 43-year-old Paulson said that she is not looking forward to it.

The Golden Globes winning actress is still appearing in popular TV series American Horror Story (2011-2018), and she is also big in another hit television project - American Crime Story (2016-2018).

Paulson will appear in two big screen titles this year: Ocean's 8 (2018) and Bird Box (2018).

She is openly gay, and is always appearing with her older girlfriend and fellow actress Holland Taylor. Taylor is 75-years-old, and for Paulson there is nothing strange about their relationship, because they are very much in love.

Find out more about this amazing actress, and click on the video above!

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  1. Judith
    one of the most talented actress <3
  2. Sarah89
    Sarah <3
  3. horacio
    i can't belive she i turning 50 !!!
  4. fanny
    she is getting old
  5. badrik
    she is in really good shape
  6. lola
    Sarah Paulson looks like she is in the thirties :)

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