Are Nick Jonas and Bebe Rexha dating?

Nick Jonas and Bebe Rexha have got the rumour mill in full swing after being spotted together enjoying a dinner date in LA.

Nick Jonas is all over the place, flirting like a madman.

First he responds to some Bebe Rexha tweets and then he attacked Jenna Dewan's Instagram profile.

Easy boy, she is not yet divorced!

Jonas was seen with the 28-year-old Singer Rexha at the LA restaurant.

The fans first noticed something fishy is going on when Jonas responded to Rexha's Twitter post, about how she had a good time at 2018 Billboard Awards show.

Find out more about all these rumors, and click on the video above!

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  1. Jerry
    as i know Nick Jonas dating with Priyanka Chopra
  2. Brian
    i hope they are dating ^^
  3. Verdi
    who even cares if they are dating or not...
  4. Emmy
    every time when i see Nick Jonas i want to puke...
  5. teterax
    hmmm interesting story

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