Ron Howard interview: How he became a Star Wars director

Ron Howard came on board the Millenium Falcon with his magic touch, but just how did he handle it?

In July 2015, Phil Lord and Christopher Miller signed the deal to shoot new Star Wars spinoff movie about young Han Solo and his adventures throughout the galaxy far, far away.

They have done a lot of work on the movie, but didn't want their efforts to be controlled by the producers. Because of that, the dynamic duo left the project, and Ron Howard stepped in.

Solo : A Star Wars Story (2018) is one of the hottest movies in theaters these days, and it will hit every single theater in the world - today!

So, check out this video, and find out more about new Star Wars movie!

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    great video, thanks!!!!
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    Ron Howard <3
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    very interesting story :)
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    really nice interview !!!

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