Alden Ehrenreich talks about the iconic Millennium Falcon

Starring Alden Ehrenrich as Solo himself, he got to do a lot of flying for the movie, and particularly enjoyed spending a lot of time on board the Millenium Falcon.

Millennium Falcon is one of the most famous imaginative space ships in the whole world.

Star Wars' iconic smuggling vessel is turning 41 this year, and its latest pilot is the-28-year-old Alden Ehrenreich, who portrays young Han Solo in new movie Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018).

Ehrenreich said in recent interviews that he don't feel uncomfortable about being new Han Solo, and he doesn't think too much about the legacy that is behind the character.

He wants to put his own mark on this popular anti-hero, and to be remembered for giving him an extra dimension. Ehrenreich doesn't want to just imitate Harrison Ford and his version of Solo.

The young actor enjoyed flying the Millennium Falcon, and by the middle of shooting, being in the cockpit felt like a normal thing.

Find out what Alden has to say about his flying days and click on the video above!

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    the most famous imaginative space ships in the whole world!!!
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