Demi Lovato did a same sex dance, and BBC had to apologize for airing it

BBC bosses suffered a bit of backlash from Demi Lovato fans after they appeared to apologise for airing her same-sex dance routine during her Biggest Weekend festival performance.

BBC is now accused of homophobia by Lovato's fans and even by the people who have nothing to do with the famous singer.

Lovato appeared on BBC's Biggest Weekend this Sunday, performing her big hit Cool For the Summer.

She was accompanied by a female dancer, and they had some seriously sexy choreography.

For whatever reason, BBC decided to show an apology message, during the dance, stating: We apologise if you've been offended by anything in this stream.

Fans acted quickly, and now BBC will have to apologize for apologizing. Nice.

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  1. Lamar
    she is so damn sexy !!!
  2. Yoma
    Demi Lovato <3
  3. daria
    such fail move by BBC ...
  4. Fanny
    just beacause she dance with woman....
  5. Adriana
    lol i can't belive it ...

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