Oprah Winfrey is matchmaking celebrities

Oprah Winfrey made Ava DuVernay’s dreams come true at the weekend when she hooked her up with rock star Bono for the evening.

So, Ava DuVernay directed Oprah Winfrey in flopped fantasy movie A Wrinkle In Time (2018) and now they are friends, and - as all friends do - they are introducing each other to their other friends.

But, the catch is that when you are Oprah, you have incredibly famous friends, like Bono from U2.

And, as it happens, DuVernay is not just an excellent film director, but a big fan of Bono's rock group as well!

She was fangirling all around, making one social media post after another, showing us pictures with Bono in her arms, saying how she loved U2 since she was a little girl.

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  1. Cara
    <3 Awesome!!!!
  2. Sandra79
    she is such wonderful person! <3
  3. furio
    Oprah <3
  4. dario
    wish i have friend like Oprah ...
  5. Galareed
    awww such wonderful move !

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