Jessica Alba trains more than ever

Jessica Alba recently became a mother for a third time, and her body surely suffered through the pregnancy.

She had some problems hitting the gym again, but was inspired by her colleague and friend Kate Hudson.

Hudson is expecting her second child, and she is not having any excuses when it comes to exercise.

Hudson is training hard, even though her baby belly is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Alba finds this kind of living inspirational, and she will make sure to find time to work out herself.

And if you didn't know, Alba appeared in a new TV movie this year - L.A.'s Finest (2018).

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  1. Ivona
    one of my favourite actress <3
  2. Den87
    she is good looking actress but i'm not satisfied with her acting ....
  3. Zoe
    i hope we are going to see her on some new movie project...
  4. Johana
    Jessica Alba <3
  5. Vera
    it's really nice when you have someone to inspiring you!

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