It Girl: Kate Mara

Although Hollywood beauty Kate Mara was born into a sporting dynasty; her father's family founded and owns the New York Giants football team, while her mother's side is heavily involved with the Pittsburgh Steelers, she skipped joining the family business as she fell in love with acting at a young age.

The 35-year-old actress from Bedford, New York, became famous appearing in movies such as Shooter (2007), 127 Hours (2010), Fantastic Four (2015), and by being a part of the hit TV series House of Cards (2013-2016).

Mara has more than 60 television and movie titles in her resume. Her latest big screen efforts are My Days of Mercy (2017) and Chappaquiddick (2017).

She is active on the little screen as well, currently working on Pose (2018), a TV series about 1980s New York's art scene.

Find out more interesting facts about Kate Mara, and click on the video above!

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  1. macey
    i really like her performance in House of Cards
  2. Logan
    she is amazing actress <3
  3. horacio
    one pof the most talented actress atm ...
  4. kimmy19
    how much you must be crazy to skip the family business... anyway awesome actress!

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