Shawn Mendes abstains from alcohol in the U.S. to avoid arrest

Shawn Mendes has shared that he avoids alcohol completely when he’s in the US in order to stay on the right side of the law.

Shawn Mendes can legally drink in most parts of the world, but in the United States and Canada, the legal drinking age is 21.

That is why this 19-year-old superstar is booze-free, while visiting North America, and he says it is very frustrating.

The toughest part is to hang out with his friends, who all can drink, and not be able to order a shot or two.

Mendes said that he is drinking a lot of rye and ginger, but that it is a hard combination, when it comes to a hangover.

So, he is staying hangover-free with tequila - Don Julio or Casamigos are his favorite brands.

Mendes tries to work out a lot, so he doesn't think about drinking. Now, that is a healthy habit!

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  1. Zane
    Awesome news!!
  2. Anny21
    Shawn Mendes <3
  3. Pathra
    so young and already has alcohol problems...
  4. Holdmepls234
    stay on the right side of the law!!!
  5. galileo
    good job yong fella !!!

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