One director saved Sarah Paulson's career

Actress Sarah Paulson has credited director Ryan Murphey for saving her career, confessing that no one was interested in her before he cast her in American Horror Story.

Sarah Paulson's career started in the early 1990s, when she appeared in the popular TV series Law & Order.

Her first big screen effort came with Levitation (1997), and she appeared in more than 40 television and movie titles, before lending a role in hit TV series American Horror Story (2011-2018).

One of the directors of AHS - Ryan Murphy - insisted to have Paulson on the show, and she is very much grateful to him, for opening numerous doors for her.

Paulson is also big in American Crime Story (2016-2018) and in movies 12 Years a Slave (2013), Carol (2015), Rebel in the Rye (2017), The Post (2017) and Ocean's 8 (2018).

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  1. Jack34
    she is very charming woman
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    Sarah Paulson <3
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    Amazing video!!!
  4. Carry
    really talented actress ...
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    AHS <3
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    She is maybe best actress atm in hollywood ...

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