Katy Perry's dog Nugget almost died

Katy Perry has heaped praise on her assistant recently after she literally saved her dog Nugget’s life.

The story goes like this: Perry's dog Nugget was chilling on the bed, but, suddenly, he jumped off the bed and freeze.

The little Nugget was unresponsive and Tamra (Perry's assistant) immediately started with CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Perry was amazed by the quickness and readiness of her assistant, and she posted the whole story on her Instagram profile.

The famous singer/songwriter thanked Tamra with kind words: Tamra, you're a hero! You're a gosh-darn American hero!

Perry then added that everyone should learn to do CPR, as it may save numerous lives every day.

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  1. Pooket
    OMG :O
  2. Ivona
    what the hell... he jumped off the bed and freeze....
  3. Jennifer
    kinda strange name for dog ....
  4. Calvin
    Nugget lol xD
  5. Korthny
    poor puppy :(((

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