Justin Timberlake apologised to Mandy Moore for rude comments about her feet

Mandy Moore recently relieved the moment when Justin Timberlake told her she had big feet, but thankfully he’s since apologized.

Mandy Moore is all over the news these days, and not only because she will appear as Rapunzel in fresh animated feature Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018), but she is here to speak about her past traumas.

One of those is her sad evocation of the time when Wilmer Valderrama lied about having sex with her, on The Howard Stern Show, way back in 2006.

The other unfortunate blast from the past is Moore's story about her time as a backing singer and dancer on one of the NSYNC tours.

Moore was backstage with all other performers and staff, and they were all comparing shoe sizes for some reason.

Moore said what shoe size she wears, and Justin Timberlake (then one of the NSYNC gang) commented that she has big feet for a girl.

She is not mad at him, of course, but she says that it was hurtful thing to hear at the time.

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  1. Terror
    awesome news!!!
  2. Fiona
    it's kinda hurtful thing to hear...
  3. Galareed
    hahaha Justine is hilarious
  4. teterax
    cmon it was just a joke ... :D
  5. Upotero
  6. Fedor
    she has big feet for a girl... lmao xD
  7. Lorna
    shame on you Justin ...

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