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Hugh Jackman continues to be the most adorable heart throb, and has shared how he’s doing everything to make sure his children follow in his philanthropic footsteps.

This week was very fertile for every gossip-loving-celebrity-worshiping-tabloid-reading fan out there.


Woody Allen said that he would like to be #MeToo's poster boy, even though he had some misadventures with assaults in the past.


Penelope Cruz said that she would like to see Allen as a big support to the right cause of #MeToo movement, but that she thinks he should re-open the 25-year-old lawsuit against him.


Jada Pinkett Smith was very emotional, talking about her son Jaden legally emancipating, when he was only 15 years old.


And you can find out something about Hugh Jackman, and his relationship with his two adopted children!

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