Mindy Kaling didn't mean to offend with Roseanne writing offer

Actress and writer Mindy Kaling has said how she meant absolutely no disrespect to the writers behind the axed ‘Roseanne’ revival.

Kaling commented on the whole Roseanne Barr incident that she would like to help the writers of Roseanne (1988-2018) to re-invent the main characters that are played by John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf.

She didn't think much about it, it was just a Tweet, but it did raise some fuss on the internet.

Kaling later explained herself: I wanted to clarify a little bit because the creators and the writing staff on that show are incredible and there's a reason why people watched it, it really touched on a lot of things that people are interested in watching, so I think they have a great crew there. Adding: But John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf are national treasures.

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  1. hannah
    Mindy Kaling <3
  2. Fiona
    it was just a Tweet cmon ...
  3. jackie35
    yeah sure ...
  4. Ceca
  5. tullip
    she is really great actress <3
  6. Jack34
    Great video!!!

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