Oprah Winfrey speaks about Meghan Markle's mom

Oprah Winfrey has opened up about the day she spent hanging out with Meghan Markle’s mum Doria Ragland.

Meghan Markle is the newest member of British Royal Family, as she and Prince Harry married couple of weeks ago.

Markle's mother is one Doria Ragland, the 61-year-old social worker from Cleveland, Ohio.

She currently lives in Los Angeles, helping elderly patients with their mental health problems, in her private practice.

Meghan's father Thomas Markle couldn't make it to the wedding because he had heart problems.

But her mother was there, making new friends among numerous celebrities and royals. One of those was Oprah Winfrey, who only has words of praise for Ragland.

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  1. Juliana
    Awesome video, thanks!!
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    Great news!!!
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    Oprah Winfrey talks too much
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    Yoga <3
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    like she knows ...
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    and hwo the hell Oprah know who is great or not .... cmon pls

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