Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are very, very close

Nick Jonas is said to have taken his alleged new girlfriend Priyanka Chopra to a family wedding at the weekend, so does the mean the rumours are true?

There is nothing alleged about it no more - these two are definitely dating and that's a fact.

Who goes to a family wedding with his newly discovered best friend of opposite sex? Nobody.

You want to introduce your new girlfriend to your family and friends, and that is just what have happened this weekend.

Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra were seen at the JFK airport in New York City, and we didn't know where were they going.

Turns out, young Jonas went to his cousin's wedding, accompanied by the Bollywood star Chopra.

Find out more about it, in the video above!

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  1. Logan
  2. Faith
    Priyanka Chopra looks amazing!!!
  3. hannah
    i hate this little guy so much... he is so annoying to me
  4. Zane
    great video :)
  5. dario
    wow this is huge :)
  6. Locky
    i can't belive she is with this little guy ...

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