Jennifer Lopez talks about relationship with Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez are in no rush to take the next step in their relationship as they are very happy as they right now, and so they’re going to just take things at their own pace.

J-Lo and Alex Rodriguez are together for more than a year now, and the supercouple even has its own nickname - J-Rod.

A source close to the famous singer/songwriter and baseball player have confirmed to the media that J-Lo and Alex are dating, way back in March, 2017.

J-Rod officially appeared on 2017 Met Gala Red Carpet Event, in May. From then on, they are always together, even matching their clothes!

These two are non-stop trying to share their fortune with unfortunate, organizing all sorts of charities and humanitarian programs.

And why they don't tie a knot already? J-Lo has something to say about it, and you can find out what, in the video above!

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  1. Yuasko
    Jennifer Lopez <3
  2. ponytale1998
    they are very happy as they right now!!! ^^
  3. dario
    one of the most beautiful couples atm :)
  4. qwerxy
    Jennifer Lopez looks amazing!!!
  5. Sally
    Great video!!!
  6. Rebel
    no rush .... smart decision

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