Frances McDormand wants to make Hollywood a nice place for everyone

Frances McDormand has called for Hollywood stars to take her inclusion rider comments at the Oscars more seriously and help make film sets more friendly places for everyone.

So, what is the inclusion rider exactly?

Inclusion rider or equity rider is a provision added to a contract of an actor to ensure that casting and production staff meet certain levels of diversity, such as inclusion of women, people of color, LGBT people and people with disabilities.

Frances McDormand won her second Oscar, and during her speech she said this: I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentleman: inclusion rider.

McDormand was at the Women in Film's Crystal + Lucy Awards show, on June 13, and she again touched the subject of diversity.

McDormand said to the media: I'm here to take responsibility for my actions and restate a call to action. I have this feeling in my gut that times are changing.

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  1. emilly
    like hollywood can become a good place ... pls
  2. Sally
    it will never be a good place ...
  3. weedocaree
    Awesome news!!!
  4. brandnewdoll

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