Cardi B and Offset are on the 'Rolling Stone' cover

Cardi B and her baby bump have just been photographed along with her finace Offset for the cover of an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine.

Cardi B is almost completely naked, wearing only some sort of black cape, showing her peacock tattoo that goes from her knee, up her tie, across buttock, over stomach and all way to her breasts.

Her boyfriend, rapper Offset is sitting next to her, holding Cardi B's baby bump, while kissing it.

Offset is wearing red suede suit, black shoes and glasses.

Cardi B couldn't hide her excitement, when the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine leaked to the public.

She was happy because her unborn baby made it to the front page of such a huge magazine.

Find out more in the video above!

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  1. Brian
    awesome vdeo!!! <3
  2. omegalul
    lol she couldn't hide her excitement ^^
  3. Peter
    she is nuts ...
  4. Baltra
  5. dude1256
    omg she is almost completely naked :D
  6. Fanny
    Cardi B the QUeen!!!!!
  7. brandnewdoll
    Great news!!!

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