Sandra Bullock tells her story about notorious producer Harvey Weinstein

Sandra Bullock has shared how she was too afraid to work with disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

Sandra Bullock was obviously aware of the whole situation, because she didn't want to work with Harvey Weinstein.

Bullock managed to have a great career, not going through the harassment of Weinstein and people like him.

But, making her way in the movie business, Bullock heard many stories of other actresses sleeping with Weinstein, getting roles they wanted.

Now, many years later, Bullock is sure in one thing, those actresses didn't sleep with the notorious producer, but they were forced to have sex with him.

Bullock just released her new movie Ocean's 8 (2018) and the Oscar-winning actress is preparing one more title for us this year - Bird Box (2018).

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  1. kimmy19
    well he is going to jail, that's for sure...
  2. Rexar
    notorious producer.... ahahahah
  3. Zoe
    lovely video!
  4. hallie
  5. lola
    they were forced to have sex with him.... bitch pls
  6. Locky
    drama queen ...
  7. Garry1998
    this Sandra Bullock is seriously hilarious sometimes ...
  8. Fedor
    gimme a break pls ....

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