Fun Facts: 'Don Jon' (2013)

'Don Jon' tells the story of a modern lothario who's addicted to watching porn. But when he falls in love with a girl named Barbara, he has to change his seedy lifestyle. 'Don Jon' marked Joseph Gordon-Levitt's directorial debut, but he also wrote the piece and played the lead role. When he wrote the female lead, he had actress Scarlett Johansson in mind, so when she agreed to take the part he was really happy.

The first feature length movie of actor/director Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a romance/comedy about Jon (Levitt) who is seeking love in a modern world.

He is young, sexy, straight out of the gym, and he knows how to make an impression on a girl. But, it seems that it is not enough for him, as Jon is getting tired of one night stands and shallow relationships, and he seeks a more mature woman, so he can find love.

Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Brie Larson and Tony Danza all star alongside Gordon-Levitt.

This is also a first screenplay for a feature film that Levitt has written. He was working on the script, having Johansson in mind for one of the leading roles.

Gordon-Levitt is currently working on his second directorial effort - Wingmen. The movie is still in the early production stage, so we don't know much about it. It will be an R-rated comedy about the misadventures of two pilots. That is all.

Until Wingmen's release, click on the video above, and find out more about Don Jon (2013).

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