Celeb Dating History: Liv Tyler

Welcome to 'Love Life Lowdown', where we list the lucky lads who've dated Hollywood beauty Liv Tyler.

Daughter of the famous singer/songwriter Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Liv Tyler started mingling in the celebrity world as a kid.

She was born in 1977, and her big screen debut came with Silent Fall (1994), although, she appeared in couple of Aerosmith music videos before.

Tyler's career skyrocketed appearing in Bernaro Bertolucci's film Stealing Beauty (1996), alongside Jeremy Irons and Carlo Cecchi.

Recent generations are surely fond of her, because she played one of the characters - Arwen - in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy.

Liv Tyler was married to the musician Royston Langdon. Before him, and after their marriage, Tyler dated with many boyfriends.

So, find out all about them, and click on the video above.

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