Fun Facts: Sharon Stone

Actress Sharon Stone is known for her Oscar nominated performance in 'Casino', and of course that infamous leg crossing scene in 'Basic Instinct'. But what are some things you might not have realized about this seemingly ageless beauty?

This Oscar-nominated actress became a world-wide sensation appearing alongside Michael Douglas in hit thriller Basic Instinct (1992).

Stone will turn sixty this year, so let us take a look at this amazing woman's career and life.

She was born on March 10, 1958 in Meadville, Pennsylvania. Stone was only 20 years old, when she appeared in her first movie Grease live on Broadway (1978).

Stone was nominated for the Academy Award once, in 1993, for her performance in Basic Instinct (1992).

She was nominated for the Golden Globes award for the same role, and she won the GG award in 1996, for a role in Martin Scorsese's classic Casino (1995). The Golden Globes nominations came two more times, for performances in The Mighty (1998) and The Muse (1999).

Stone was married to the TV and movie producer Michael Greenburg, and to the reporter Phil Bronstein.

Her latest movie is The Disaster Artist (2017), and Stone will appear in four upcoming films.

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