Premiere: horror movie 'Winchester'

Inspired by true events, the supernatural horror film ‘Winchester’ stars Hellen Mirren as the grieving widow of famed gun manufacturer William Winchester.

Winchester (2018) is the new horror movie that is based on a real life events that occurred at Sarah Winchester's mansion.

Way back in 1860s, Sarah Winchester believed that she is haunted by the souls of people who were killed by Winchester repeating rifle.

Twins Michael Spierig and Peter Spierig directed and wrote Winchester (2018), with Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester, and other notable Hollywood faces starring in it: Sarah Snook, Jason Clarke, Bruce Spence and Laura Brent.

Brothers Spierig worked together on four movies before: Undead (2003), Daybreakers (2009), Predestination (2014) and Jigsaw (2017).

Winchester (2018) premiered on February 2, and it is already taking a whole lot of beating from the critics, having bad, bad, bad reviews.

Check out this video, and find out more about this movie.

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  1. Erica
    i heard this movie is pure crap ...

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