Colin Firth and Rachel Weisz killed it in 'The Mercy'

The British biographical drama ‘The Mercy’ is about the incredible story of Donald Crowhurst, an amateur sailor who competed in the 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in the hope of becoming the first person in history to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe without stopping.

The Mercy (2018) is a biography/drama movie starring Rachel Weisz, Colin Firth and David Thewlis.

It is a story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst and his solo attempt to circumnavigate the globe. The struggles he confronted on the journey while his family awaited his return is one of the most enduring mysteries of recent times.

The Mercy (2018) has been written by Scott Z. Burns, known for his work on The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), The Informant! (2009) and Side Effects (2011).

This is the Academy Award winning director James March's latest film effort.

He is preparing two more movies: The King of Thieves and All the Old Knives.

Find out more about this movie, and click on the video above!

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