Kim Kardashian's big photoshop fail!

Kim Kardashian Instagram followers were quick to spot a photoshop fail on the reality TV stars site, forcing Kim to turn off the comments on the picture.

Kim Kardashian's latest Instagram picture includes what appears to be a pretty big Photoshop fail.

The reality star disabled comments on the post after it was spotted by fans.

She posted the picture in support of the March For Our Lives rally, a gun reform protest attended by Kim and husband Kanye as well as baby North.

It's not the first time a celebrity, or even a Kardashian, has suffered with a bad edit on one of their pictures.

Comments on Kim's Instagram profile were disabled after fans began claiming it was edited.

The Kardashians have been accused of presenting doctored pictures on Instagram before - but the signs are usually harder to spot than in Kim's latest post.

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