Steven Spielberg and Javier Bardem working together on the 50-year-old movie script!

Steven Spielberg and Javier Bardem are teaming up to bring blacklisted Hollywood writer Dalton Trumbo’s five decade old script about Spanish conqueror Hernan Cortes to the big screen.

One of the most interesting writers of Hollywood was Dalton Trumbo, who has won two Academy Awards for the Best Screenplay: for Roman Holiday (1953) and The Brave One (1956).

Both of this movies were written by Trumbo, but because he was Blacklisted at the time (as he was convicted communist) other people were given credit for his work. Only years later was revealed who was the real screenwriter of those movies.

Trumbo was working relentlessly, writing about 70 screenplays during his lifetime. And not all of that scripts ended up as a real productions.

That was the case with his screenplay for Montezuma, a movie about the Spanish explorer Hernan Cortes, who wages a historic battle against the Aztec emperor, Montezuma II.

Two of Hollywood's moguls - Steven Spielberg and Javier Bardem - are now trying to find a way to produce Montezuma. Click on the video, and find out more!

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