Alexandra Daddario wants to be just like Lady Gaga

Alexandra Daddario has shared how much she envies pop star Lady Gaga, and would apparently love to be just like her.

What an exciting news - Alexandra Daddario wants to be just like Lady Gaga. Well, we all have our idols, and we cannot be angry at somebody for saying it openly who is their favorite person on the planet.

Twelve days ago, the 32-year-old Daddario celebrated her birthday, and she surely did wish that she becomes just like Gaga.

And maybe she didn't.

Either way, some of her wishes must be coming true, because her career has skyrocketed in a past couple of years.

Daddario appeared in hit big screen titles such as The Choice (2016), Baked in Brooklyn (2016), Baywatch (2017), The House (2017), The layover (2017) and most recently When We First Met (2018).

And she is working hard on 4 upcoming silver screen titles!

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