In case you missed it, here’s what’s trending right now: Will Ferrell deletes Facebook account after Cambridge Analytica scandal, Tyra Banks admits to having a nose job, and Katy Perry seemingly reveals bizarre nickname for boyfriend Orlando Bloom.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal took the whole world by surprise, as nobody expected from the evil corporation to lie to us and exploit our recourses. Ha!

Well, a whole bunch of people did, in fact, got scared and angry at Facebook for sharing their personal information with third parties. And those people deleted their Facebook accounts. One of them is the famous comedian and actor Will Ferrell.


In other news - another big surprise! Tyra Banks spoke about her nose job and plastic surgery. Really? Who would have guessed it that someone like Banks had any cosmetic surgery in her life?!


And if you want to find out how Katy Perry is pet-calling Orlando Bloom, you better hit that video above, and find out all about it!

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