John Cena thinks his new movie ‘Blockers’ is moving some boundaries

‘Blockers’ is the hilarious American comedy movie about a trio of parents who try to stop their daughters from losing their virginity’s on prom night.

Blockers (2018) is the directorial debut of Kay Cannon. She is known for her production and screenwriting work on movies and television shows such as 30 Rock (2012), Pitch Perfect (2012), New Girl (2012-2013), Pitch Perfect 2 (2015), Girlboss (2017) and Pitch Perfect 3 (2017).

The screenplay was written by the dynamic duo Brian and Jim Kehoe.

Blockers (2018) is about three parents who are trying to stop their daughters from having sex on Prom night.

The movie is full of great actresses and actors like Kathryn Newton, John Cena, Leslie Mann, Graham Phillips, Ramona Young and Geraldine Viswanathan.

Blockers (2018) will hit the theaters world-wide on April 6.

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