In case you missed it, here’s what’s trending right now: Mariah Carey has revealed her battle with bipolar disorder, Priyanka Chopra was turned down for a movie role in 2017 due to her skin colour, and Amy Schumer's wedding was almost officiated by Adele, but the singer withdrew her offer.

Mariah Carey lived in fear for many years, worrying that her bipolar disorder would have made her a victim of tabloids and all kinds of gossip.

She was diagnosed with the mental illness in 2001, when she had a nervous breakdown, and was hospitalized.

Now Carey is ready to deal with her problems, and she shared her story with the whole world, so other people in need can feel less scared and lonely in their battle against the depression.


The 35-year old actress, singer, producer and model from India, Priyanka Chopra opened up about racism in Hollywood.

The year 2000's Miss World winner said that her skin color have had more influence on Hollywood producers than her acting talent.


Adele is not only one of the most beautiful voices on the planet, but she has the power to officiate weddings as well!

The British super-star singer has done it for the first time in Los Angeles, in early 2018, when she officiated the wedding of her friends, comedian Alan Carr and Paul Drayton.

Amy Schumer says that Adele was about to officiate her wedding as well, but the popular singer turned down the offer in the last minute.


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