Jeffrey Dean Morgan speaks about his role in ‘Rampage’

'Rampage' is the science fiction monster film about a rogue genetic experiment on an intelligent gorilla gone wrong, and it just premiered in London.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan became famous when he appeared in one of the most popular TV series in the world - The Walking Dead (2016-2018), portraying the anti-hero Negan.

He has more than 60 television and movie titles in his resume, being mostly recognized for his TV work on series such as The Burning Zero (1996-1997), Supernatural (2005-2008), Grey's Anatomy (2006-2009) and The Good Wife (2015-2016).

He starred in many movies too, turning attention to himself with his role of Edward Blake aka Comedian in Watchmen (2009).

Morgan's latest big screen effort is Rampage (2018), an action adventure movie with a little bit of sci-fi in it. Rampage (2018) tells the story of primatologist Davis Okoye, and his relationship with caged gorilla named George. Genetic experiment transforms Geroge into a raging King Kong-like monster. Other animals also become abominations, and start to destroy cities in North America. The only man who can stop them is Okoye.

Ryan Engle and Carlton Cuse wrote Rampage (2018), and Brad Peyton directed it, with a star cast including Dwayne Johnson, Naomie Harris, Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello.

Rampage (2018) will premiere on April 13!

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