Naomi Harris grateful for Dwayne Johnson on first ever green screen shoot

The green screen is responsible for some amazing special effects in cinema, but of course not alone, without the actors there would be no movies.

Naomie Harris is the Academy Award nominated actress, that was praised for her role in Moonlight (2016).

She comes from London, England, but she has participated in numerous Hollywood productions, such as Street Kings (2008), Southpaw (2015), Collateral Beauty (2016), and most recently Rampage (2018).

Harris was one of the red carpet attendees at the gala premiere of Rampage (2018), and she was talking about the movie and her role.

Naomie Harris will appear in one more movie this year - Mowgli (2018); that is Andy Serkis' interpretation of the famous novel Jungle Book.

Find out more about her and her new movie Rampage (2018), and click on the video above!

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